Will blogging change everything?

Not a deep philosophical question but the topic of the roundtable session on blogging organised by Netimperative last week in London. It was a good opportunity to discuss blogging not only with people who are bloggers but other who come into contact with them in their professions. There were some PR/marketing people, some consultants and a (full list is here)

All in all, it was an enjoyable event, I even managed to get a few points across. What struck me most was the debate and most of the arguments have already been had in the blogosphere proper (i.e. the first few waves before the moneyed people started to take notice). Of course, people anywhere can discuss whatever they wish, even if it had been discussed in the US. My approach has been to check if all the big pointy questions have been asked somewhere and catch up on them. What with google and RSS and technorati, it’s not like one does not know where to go.

In any case, see for yourself as the digest of the debate is available.