Web presence

One of the things a blog is characterised by is the ease and speed with which non-technical employees can enter and publish their content on the internet without the assistance of a staff of webmasters.

However, a company’s blog will often just be part of a larger corporate web presence. This sometimes means that a company will have an easy to update blog married to a bunch of static web pages that all require the services of a skilled HTML coder to edit in any way.

Or, at the other end of the scale, some companies have vastly expensive, ultra-powerful content management systems managed by a cadre of highly trained (and highly paid) technical staff who enable manipulation of the company’s web content.

There is a better alternative to both those situations. Why not use one of the inexpensive and easy to use content management systems designed for publishing blogs to power your entire web presence? We do exactly that for organisations, and can do it for yours.

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