Brand blogs

You know more about your company and your customers than anyone else. A blog can help you let the world know that. Communication with your customers and markets is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. The Big Blog Company can build a strategy for this conversation that is tailored to your organisation’s challenges and targets, and help you find the right voice – your authentic, credible voice – in which to have that conversation.

Become an industry expert

Your customers are not the only audience out there. It may be very much in your interest to talk to your industry peers and the press, to establish thought leadership and expertise in your field. If PR is the art of spreading and managing a company’s messages across other peoples’ media by proxy, then blogging is using your own medium to disseminate those messages.


As well as a complete strategy for your company’s blog and how it will engage the network, we will guide you in the area of content generation, help you to select the right contributors for your blog, share our style tips, develop blog management guidelines and train your employees in the art, science and law of blogging. If needed, we can find an experienced blogger from outside your organisation, with relevant expertise, to kick-start your blog.

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