Who we are

We are a team of ardent bloggers who understand the impact of blogging and the network of blogs on communication. It gives individuals and companies the ability to generate and distribute their ideas more widely and effectively. We can help businesses and organisations to improve their reach and initiate genuine interaction with their audiences. We believe that markets are conversations and engaging them increases your chances of being heard.

We know that there is a great deal more to establishing a successful blog than setting up the publishing software. It is in our understanding of the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of effective blogging and how it can enhance a company’s business that the true value of the Big Blog Company lies.

We bring to our customers who decide to use weblogs as a branding, marketing or communication tool the skills necessary to achieve their objectives combined with an understanding of their needs and concerns.

We address both business and legal issues by identifying the appropriate use of a weblog for a particular business and by training employees in how to contribute to a weblog without compromising either the company’s or their own interests.

We introduce the concept to companies, think tanks, charities and institutions that rely on a loyal following, credibility and public awareness. The rise of weblogs and their increasing impact on the mainstream media have highlighted their potential as an effective alternative communication channel for companies. This has inspired the Big Blog Company to turn blogs into a credible tool that is able to improve upon and compete against traditional marketing, using the 4 million (and growing) network of blogs to its maximum potential.

The Big Blog Company’s partners have combined their business experience, skills in management of blogs and understanding of emergent technologies into a unified product. We offer companies an introduction to the ‘blogosphere’, a tailored strategy for how to engage it, and a complete service for their blogs. All three partners in tBBC are regular contributors to a popular and successful commentary/pundit blog listed in the top 15 of Blogstreet’s Most Important 100 Blogs.

The team

Adriana Cronin-Lukas, Partner – was released from Balliol into the community in 1996, serving her time as a management consultant with a Big Five firm in Central and Eastern Europe – ‘management’ and ‘consultancy’ meaning something to businesses in those parts of the world.

All this came to an end in 2002 when it became obvious that blogging is much more enjoyable than real work. Since then, the blogging has become her main preoccupation and a route to regaining sanity lost somewhere on the fourth floor of a tall, marble-encrusted building in the City. Adriana has applied her analytical powers to the potential of blogging and would like to make sure that companies also understand that markets are conversations. Occasionally she gets accused of problem-solving.

Perry de Havilland, Partner – is a serial entrepreneur and unreconstructed capitalist who has worked mostly in London, New York and Washington DC. As a recovering investment banker and broker he decided blogging was just vastly preferable to commuting. Perry is an editor of one of the 50 most influential political commentary blogs in the world.

He also discovered that whilst commuting sucks, having an income does not, and so in 2003 threw his lot with Adriana and David to turn his passion into business. He wants to show people how to blog within a commercial context and share his passion for money, which not only sounds good but can be great fun.

David J.K. Carr, Partner – businessman and lawyer, focus on legal matters and training; well-known pundit blogger, writer and commentator; former TV and radio scriptwriter; currently advising on a number of commercial and political campaigns. David thinks that chatty, “I don’t take myself too seriously” bios are tiresome, cringe-worthy, and flat-out wrong. We love him anyway.