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adult homemade movie

adult homemade movie
Tracked on: adult homemade movie ( at 2006 07 14 02:30:38
traveler insurance

traveler insurance
Tracked on: traveler insurance ( at 2006 06 10 02:04:03
George Eliot

have spent some time converting and tagging all thee 42 hours into mp3. i was wondering if poeple here are interested in it, as I have already spent a lot of time making it IPOD compactable.
Tracked on: George Eliot ( at 2006 05 24 04:06:20
Marvelous Marvin

Hmm... Yeah I guess that might work. I'll have to try it out.
Tracked on: Marvelous Marvin ( at 2006 05 24 04:02:22
Chick Corea

Replace mp3-*-name.mp3 with the names of your songs (using Terminal, you can just drag and drop the file/names to Terminal and it'll add the name/path). The ">" is the output pipe, and the "joined-songs.mp3" would be the resulting name. You can change this to whatever name you want.
Tracked on: Chick Corea ( at 2006 05 24 03:59:40
Frances Gumm

To save you a step here are some mp3 stream from NPR affiliates. Now if only I could legaly provide these streams via Podcast
Tracked on: Frances Gumm ( at 2006 05 24 03:55:33
Boy George

might do the job. Its for Linux (and Windows) but I would expect to be able to compile it under OS X.
Tracked on: Boy George ( at 2006 05 24 03:52:29
Albert Brooks

To join songs, try the old DOS command COPY, like this: copy /b song1.mp3 + song2.mp3 + song3.mpg mysongs.mp3. That should work great.
Tracked on: Albert Brooks ( at 2006 05 24 03:50:56
Chick Hearn

Maybe you should try Google for a change ;) Google Search: Join mp3s, check the 3rd en 7th result.
Tracked on: Chick Hearn ( at 2006 05 24 03:47:52
Monty Hall

You can definitely do this in GarageBand. Simply drag the songs you want from iTunes to GarageBand and it automatically converts them. Then use the Export to iTunes feature. Works like a charm!
Tracked on: Monty Hall ( at 2006 05 24 03:46:13
John Ford

I am now happily converting RealAudio files into mp3 format and experimenting with bit-rates. I’d better make some room on that mp3 player for Bucky!
Tracked on: John Ford ( at 2006 05 24 03:45:34
Chick Corea

The price goes to Restiffbard. The iTunes Applescript does the job exactly the way I wanted it. Thanks a lot for your suggestions though, they will undoubtedly come in handy at some later point in time.
Tracked on: Chick Corea ( at 2006 05 24 03:44:26
Margarita Cansino

know garageband can do essentially what you're asking, maybe sound studio too. That old school classic app SoundApp was amazing and would probably work as well. I know it does work under classic.
Tracked on: Margarita Cansino ( at 2006 05 24 03:43:39
Sid Caesar

might be worth a look -- or MP3 Trimmer, which does more than trim.
Tracked on: Sid Caesar ( at 2006 05 24 03:43:00
Pierino Roland Como

Given the name of your weblog and the subject of this post, I’d like to introduce you to the First Crack Podcast (Coffee, Technology, and other Daily Grinds).
Tracked on: Pierino Roland Como ( at 2006 05 24 03:42:46
JoAnn Castle

I found more than I expected. thank you, esp. the conversion tip.
Tracked on: JoAnn Castle ( at 2006 05 24 03:42:37
Truman Capote

Once again I am in your debt, Dr Grey. I raise my cap to you sir!
Tracked on: Truman Capote ( at 2006 05 24 03:41:49
Chick Corea

let me know here and we can figure out a way of getting this to you.
Tracked on: Chick Corea ( at 2006 05 24 03:40:43
Truman Capote

Oops, in the "cat /Users/tangent/music/iTunes..." paste it took away the back slashes, so disregard the paste.
Tracked on: Truman Capote ( at 2006 05 24 03:38:55
Chick Hearn

I’m not aware of any mp3 sources for the lectures.
Tracked on: Chick Hearn ( at 2006 05 24 03:36:12
Eileen Heckart

Wow!! I personally knew Bucky. I was the one who took him to Apple Computer and introduced him to Steve Jobs who gave him a tour of the Cupertino facility.
Tracked on: Eileen Heckart ( at 2006 05 24 03:35:35
David Carradine

If you're not afraid of the Unix command line, you could do this with the Cat command. Just type cat mp3-1-name.mp3 mp3-2-name.mp3 mp3-3-name.mp3 > joined-songs.mp3.
Tracked on: David Carradine ( at 2006 05 24 03:34:37
Huntz Hall

I am so thrilled to find this being served for FREE. This is the greatest discovery I have ever made on the web.
Tracked on: Huntz Hall ( at 2006 05 24 03:32:54
Engelbert Humperdinck

If not, can anyone recommend a good tool for turning RealAudio streams into mp3?
Tracked on: Engelbert Humperdinck ( at 2006 05 24 03:31:42
Cary Grant

Have you tried TotalRecorder? I believe it can record pretty much anything you want and output it as MP3.
Tracked on: Cary Grant ( at 2006 05 24 03:31:37
Krekor "Kirk" Ohanian

For instance, I typed "cat" in my Terminal, and dragged three files from my iTunes Music folder in to the Terminal window, and followed with the > pipe and specified ~/Desktop ("~/" is Unix shorthand for your "Home folder") and the file went to the Desktop with the name I specified
Tracked on: Krekor "Kirk" Ohanian ( at 2006 05 24 03:30:28
Elliott Gould

I use a virtually unknown program called iTunes to merge MP3 files.
Tracked on: Elliott Gould ( at 2006 05 24 03:30:19
Robert Allen Zimmerman

had a similar problem a while back where i wanted to split large mp3s (live sets) into parts, while there are quite a number of apps out there that can do it, i found most of them to be bloated or they required you to buy it, so i ended up writing my own little app in ruby to do the job and it works like a charm!
Tracked on: Robert Allen Zimmerman ( at 2006 05 24 03:29:45
Alice Cooper

this is what I wanted to find!
Tracked on: Alice Cooper ( at 2006 05 24 03:28:58

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