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the Big Blog Company | Waste ‘em
“Who yer callin' a sparrow, you schmuck?!”
The bird on the back.
October 05 2004
Waste ‘em
Henry St Luc • Administrative 
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It’s that time of the year work again. After weeks of design, code and test, we have just opened up the New and Improved tBBC blog. And we are now out to hunt the gremlins.

One of them was apparently spotted by some visitors in the facility, roaming free and eating little babies’ heads and Granny’s ice cream cone (no, I mean the gremlin). Unfortunately, they failed to provide us with enough details to track and eradicate the bastard (yes, I mean the gremlin).

Consequently, and assuming this is not the man who saw the man who saw the man who saw the gremlin in 15px Verdana, I invite you to join the stalking. Don’t worry, it’s fox hunting that was repressed banned. As far as gremlins are concerned, the ROE are “fire at will”.

But wait for my order.

This is a gremlin-free big blog (well, at least a screenshot of it), and this is how we see it by default on different PCs running Internet Explorer 6.0.2900.2180.xpsp_sp2_rtm.040803-2158, Firefox 0.8 and 1.0 PR, as well as Macintoshes’ Safari.

If - again, by default. Yeah, that means before you click anything at all - you see anything else, then please tell us what you see - and make sure you tell us which browser/version you’re using. Coz that would be gremlins.

So Fire at will. Secure the area.

For the sake of little babies and granny’s ice cream, let’s waste ‘em.


Okay, I think I found and squashed it already, though I could still use confirmation from those who saw it eating Granny’s ice cream.

If that was indeed the one we’re talking about, it was very small really. Nothing to scare little babies about. Its erratic nature made it a bit difficult to hunt though--and that’s not mentioning the fact that we couldn’t reproduce it (yeah, we do breed gremlins. Hunting them is fun.)

All right stalkers, before you tell me “it’s still there”, please make sure you forcefully deleted tBBC’s cookie. Clearing your browser cache could help, but that’s just to be on the safe side, and shouldn’t be mandatory.

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