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February 03 2005
Venture blogging in the news
Jackie Danicki • Blogs & Blogging • Blogs in the media 
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There’s a great piece in the latest edition of Venture Capital Journal about the business of venture capitalists who blog. The journalist did an unusually good job covering the whole blog thing, and profiles several venture bloggers and their experiences in blogging. Unsurprisingly, every single blogger featured specified that the best thing about blogging is the networking aspect - meeting clever, like-minded, well-networked people through their blogs. Additionally, the VCs say their blogs help tremendously in giving entrepreneurs an idea of what they are and are not looking to invest in, which saves time and effort all around, and reduces the number of totally off-the-mark pitches the VCs are subjected to.

VCs are busy people who have to be careful about what they do and do not reveal on their blogs. That so many are blogging so successfully is testament to the fact that blogging your expertise does not mean you’re giving away that expertise. Done right, it will mean you reap the benefits of a vast network and are able to work more efficiently and from a more informed viewpoint. Because, lest we forget, blogging is not a one-way “You, customer/potential customer, read NOW about why I rock and you should spend money with my company!” deal. Unfortunately, I meet a lot of very clever people whose business models could be fed substantially by blogging, but who are so protective of their knowledge that they are afraid to show a little of it off via a blog. Those who can’t let go of that white-knuckle grip on their competence are the ones who are missing out on enhancing that competence - and who will continue to do so.

Link via Andrew Anker at VentureBlog

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