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the Big Blog Company | Tear down the siloes
“Who yer callin' a sparrow, you schmuck?!”
The bird on the back.
March 29 2005
Tear down the siloes
Jackie Danicki • Marketing & PR • Trends 
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This Creative Commons-licensed iPod stand (”Seeing as the new iPods don’t come with docks, and no-one wants to spend $30+ on a bit of plastic or metal to stand their iPods on, I’ve drawn up a template for a simple, functional and attractive iPod stand you can download as a pdf, print out, stick on some card and assemble,” says the creator) is a very good example of what SMLXL’s Alan Moore is talking about here:

[A]ll these additional devices iTrip, Airplay, etc are brand building for Apple, without Apple spending a cent...And this I think is important to think about as companies work on their siloed approaches to innovation, marketing etc. That by creating a product, a service, an innovation process, that people can co-create value, eiither economically or from a perspective of it being a valuable experience. That has got to be good...[W]hat Apple has done to my mind is great marketing. Because you don’t even know it exists.

Homework assignment from me: Spend five minutes thinking about how your company can apply this concept to its business model, rejecting siloed approaches to innovation and marketing.

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