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the Big Blog Company | Podcasting gets noticed on Wall Street
“Who yer callin' a sparrow, you schmuck?!”
The bird on the back.
June 30 2005
Podcasting gets noticed on Wall Street
Perry de Havilland • Trends 
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Just as with RSS syndication, it is a sign that things have taken hold when the non-technical mainstream media start writing about innovations which were once the preserve of hardcore techno-geeks.  Podcasting is the latest ‘next thing’ to get noticed in such places as the Wall Street Journal.

Podcasts are yet another of those emergent activities that spring out of nowhere with very little warning.  Much like blogging, no one ever sat down in a corporate office and thought up podcasting, the component technologies were there and it just ‘happened’. It is just another way in which the internet is both enabling and disintermediating. It also shows that merely analysing the technologies is a pretty ineffective way of seeing what is coming down the road: a high proportion of mainsteam analysis of the internet is rather like studying how cars work and then expecting to understand where people are going to drive and why.  Podcasting, like blogging, are made possible by technological developments but they are not ‘technologies’ themselves so much as social phenomenon.  This is also probably why IT consultants are usually the last people to understand developments like these because you cannot understand how such innovations come about by just looking at underlying technology.

I have thought for some time that when Adriana does her presentations to various conferences, we should be podcasting her remarks for people who cannot attend.  But even though we do this sort of thing for a living, even we have difficulty actually finding the time implement it all some times!

Podcasts from tBBC, coming soon cool smile

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