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the Big Blog Company | Podcasting bandwagon or funny words
“Who yer callin' a sparrow, you schmuck?!”
The bird on the back.
October 04 2005
Podcasting bandwagon or funny words
Adriana Cronin-Lukas • Marketing & PR • Trends 
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Reading this article in MediaPost made me exclaim - They never learn, do they!

Podcasting, simply put, is just another way to distribute content to consumers. As with all new digital sub-channels, the hype for podcasting can be overwhelming.

Perhaps I am still on the roll from the Cillit Bang affair, but what is it about the media types that they have to use such langague?

We are embracing the change and seeking viable new ways to reach and influence these consumers…

... the golden opportunity for marketers - the opportunity to deepen relationships between consumers and your brand or product.

Deepen relationship between consumers and a product?! People do not usually have relationships with inanimate objects (unless it’s computers, obviously, or other items around which many a ‘premium content’ website has been built) but with other people (or their pets). One can talk about a following, enthusiasts or fans etc but do not pretend that I am ‘relating’ to a brand or a product, especially one that thinks of me as a consumer.

My gripe is not just about the choice of words such as content, consumers, ‘reach and influence’, consume content etc, but about the original point behind the article - looking how to insert advertising in podcasts, although the conclusion gives us breathing space before there will be ads in podcasts.

Although podcasts do represent great opportunities for marketers to deepen relationships with consumers, they do not yet represent viable advertising opportunities for most. Ads within podcasts are innately low engagement ads, even less so than pre-roll and in-stream audio or video. The net result is that the brand impact is more passive than that of other, more engaging forms of digital media.

Obviously engagement in adspeak stands for I push something at you that you can click on, basically meaning the same as interactive that has got worn out about 5 years ago.

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