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the Big Blog Company | Halley’s session
“Who yer callin' a sparrow, you schmuck?!”
The bird on the back.
April 25 2005
Halley’s session
Adriana Cronin-Lukas • lesblogs 
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Halley’s the moderator for a panel consisting of Darren Barefoot, Andrew Carton and Paolo Valdemarin.

How many have blogs and corporate blogs? Who is Scoble and who cares? Microsoft blogger who brings fame to the company. Let me tell you about the panel - Darren Barefoot did Northern Voice. Paolo and Andrew, blogs about Treo on Without the permission of the company, decided to do it on his own, it’s an interesting view of a corporate blog. What they think about the future of blogging in the next five years:

Darren, background in PR and marketing. How do I get on blogs? Lists of ones you want to get on. Interesting thing – meme and stories about your company into the media. Bloggers a middle layer, PR firms are just beginning to recognise that they are important. Need to pay attention to bloggers and talk to them. Influencers, writers, the phenomenon of how media works. TV stations – decrease the number of journalists, new sources of stories in the blogosphere. Everyday, read stories in MSM that I have read on blogs. Journalists are reading bloggers – stories bubble up and then surface.

Paolo: Small medium size companies – vast majority of blogging companies. Talk to the customers as well as create a new kind of empowerment.

Halley: Internal blogging – inside companies but not just yet.
Andrew : Building community around blog in a corporate environment. [?]

Halley: A company just opened a magazine BusinessWeek about blogging, they must a blog. CEO bad writer, so what do they do? Where is the place for a company to start?
Darren: Do not let PR people anywhere near it!

Halley: Group blog or one voice…
Paolo: one voice, small companies, express themselves in small environment. [ed. lots of talk of small companies]. Glossy brochures and flashy websites and do not understand that there is a better way

Halley: Is there some value in blog for a single voice.
Andrew: comforting to majority of customers, using blogging as extension of the business need to have the right mindset.

Corporate blogging bit not so informative, not enough examples and too disjointed but I guess that is the nature of the panel and the speakers talking about their personal experiences.

Halley: Should we have advertising on your corporate blog?
Darren: Absolutely not.
Halley: Not even their own?
Darren: Maybe

Andrew: Marketing perspective – content. Deconstructing the product, the logo everything. It’s like a lego toy, take the pieces and put them together your own way.

Hugh: blog cheap and easy and advertising is pure buzz, hard to get them pay attention
Darren: aspects of PR will go away, press release, forming relationships is not going away and blogs are another way to do that [ed. quote of the session]. Compelling blogs have personality whether personal or corporate. Photos, individual features etc. PR not associated with authenticity

Darren makes lots of good points, no time to capture it, just read and subscribe to his blog. grin

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