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January 18 2005
Disconnected in Britain
Adriana Cronin-Lukas • Personal 
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Adam Curry of the podcasting fame is having problems with his broadband connection in little Britain.

On January 4th 2005, BT installed wiring inside our house to accommodate a new line that will only cart ADSL directly from EasyNet’s gear at the Guildford exchange. Since easynet is providing everything on this line, BT is only responsible for the actual copper connection from the exchange to our house.

To date, the wiring terminates at the curb, waiting for the wires to be connected (via underground cabling) to the new wiring at the house. A distance of no more than 15 meters.

This is where everything has broken down. For whatever reason, the paperwork after the inside wiring was completed, didn’t make it to the next step, which is a ‘surveyor’ who would connect the last 15 meters. The job was closed in error and no one knows how to get BT to complete this final step, which is clearly their mistake and every BT engineer who has come to the house admits this freely.

As someone who lives and does business online, I have total sympathy for Adam and if anyone reading this has any ideas or suggestions, feel free to make them. The commenters on Adam’s blog suggest taking the complaint as high as possible making lives of the BT and/or Easynet people a misery until they sort it out. There is an edge of desperation in these words and I hope the matter will get sorted soon.

The entire service, copper wires and all, is a business installation, and I am paying business prices. I put both British Telecom and EasyNet at fault for this clusterfuck. It is damaging my business and I won’t stand for it any longer.

I am at my wits end, and will accept anyone’s help, even if it literally means busting open the wiring box at the curb to complete the last connection myself.

Good luck and show’em!

Update: Hm, he is planning to do just that: I’m recording all calls and will be airing them in the Source Code, starting today.

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