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the Big Blog Company | Bootcamping in the rain
“Who yer callin' a sparrow, you schmuck?!”
The bird on the back.
January 11 2005
Bootcamping in the rain
Adriana Cronin-Lukas • Events 
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I just returned from a fast and furious session about blogs with two accomplished journalists and great audience to boot (no pun intented), Anne Thompson and Jeffrey Wells. Both of them are already on the net, understand its implications and have created their individual ‘brands’ building reputations over the years.

As always, when we get together with people who are interested in blogs, there is much to discuss and the race against the time commences. At this session, I tried to cover a multitude of topics, from the larger picture of internet as a network and how that affects those who try to use it as a channel, how content evolves and is not finished by publishing it, how blogs are tools and nodes that can be used in many different ways, what are permalinks and why they are the most important feature of a blog, what is creative commons licence and how it is especially relevant to those who publish their writing on the net trying to reach their audience, how you can reach audiences using the network effect to showing them how a blogging back-end looks like and how easy is to post, link and comment on a blog.

Talking to a US audience that is usually far more blog savvy than the UK one, as they have been surrounded by the blog buzz for some time, I was a bit nervous. I feared that I will not have much new or revealing to say to them. This turned out to be an unfounded concern as there are so many aspects to blogging and the dynamics of the blogosphere are constantly evolving, allowing ongoing pontification. As a result, there were many good questions and not enough time to cover all that was of interest. I hope this was just a beginning of a beautiful conversation… I guess we have to do some more bootcamps here in LA.

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