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“Who yer callin' a sparrow, you schmuck?!”
The bird on the back.
January 13 2005
Booming new media
Adriana Cronin-Lukas • Products & Services • Brand blogs 
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It’s always fun to see what uses people put blogs to. I just came across Boomer blog on which an ”old media” person is making the transition to new media. I want to use the Internet as a way to by-pass the gatekeepers of traditional media and tell the stories of people like me who are facing transitions in their lives and doing it with grace and a sense of adventure.

The person behind the blog is Nancy Fernandez Mills, a writer, producer, and yoga teacher. She was impressed by the grass-roots internet campaign for Howard Dean and decided to look into this blogging and podcasting thing. These are her reasons for blogging:

I’ve worked in network news and I’ve run a video production company. I joined an Internet start-up that raised venture funds only to have the funding pulled a few months later. I’ve created Flash movies for corporate clients. Now I’m hoping that the Internet is ready for those of us who are storytellers at heart.

You bet. If you have a story to tell and an internet connection, you should be blogging before you can say permalink. Love the banner, pleasant writing, charming people, but… why Blogger, if they are trying to go professional?!

via Dan Bricklin

Note: Hm, Dan’s blog does not have trackback, which is rather annoying. Especially since they want feedback… Oh well, can’t have everything.

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