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May 04 2005
Blogging Wall Street
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American Attorney Bill Singer has set up a blog called Broke and Broker on which he writes in very ebullient bloggish style about issues of self regulation of financial markets in the USA.  Mr. Singer’s get the tone just right and lays into people with what sure sounds like an ‘authentic voice’ to me… no mistaking this for part of some anodyne press release that has been carefully vetted to make it opinion-free:

Remember the old Westerns? The bad guys ride into town. Guns blazing. But the Sheriff doesn’t hear them and no one tells him. They blow up the bank’s vault. No one hears anything and the Sheriff doesn’t leave his office. They ride out of town with all the loot. About two years later, a few townsfolk mosey on down to the Sheriff’s office. They tell him about the robbery. The Sheriff quickly arms himself and puts together a posse. The posse goes to the saloon for several rounds of drink and a few cappuccinos (and some espressos --- a few folks order decaf)

Mr. Singer clearly needs no advice regarding his ‘blog voice’.  His blog design on the other hand needs not just a beauty makeover but some significant surgery.  That the articles are not easily permalink-able is a really major failing.  In order to get the link to the article containing the rather splendid passage I quoted, I had to go to the archive page of this young blog and get the link from there.  This is a mistake and if Bill Singer attracts the attention his interesting articles deserve, then it would be a great shame if his articles did not get linked to and thereby disseminated across the blogosphere as they deserve to be just because his blog’s design leaves much to be desired.

Often companies, institutions and would-be commentators approach setting up a blog as just an IT issue and once their splendidly designed blogs are created; they then haven’t a clue what to actually do with them.  However methinks Bill Singer knows exactly what he wants to do, but oh do I just wish he would redesign his blog a bit so that more people would actually get to read what he has to say.  There is a great deal more to engaging the blogosphere and the broader internet that putting out a press release on PRWeb.  We often write about what makes a blog a blog and why that matters.  The permalink lies at the very heart of what makes blogging so effective so please, make it easy to find!

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