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the Big Blog Company | Blogging - a time saver?
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November 20 2004
Blogging - a time saver?
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Sure. That’s what Dianne Marsh, a co-founder of SRT Solutions and president of the Ann Arbor Computer Society, thinks:

It’s a time saver. A lot of companies are asking employees to write down what they do on a daily basis. It makes a lot more sense to keep that as a blog.

You don’t say. grin They also cottoned up onto the fact that blogging provides the convenience of a Web site but is a far less static environment.

It’s becoming a pain and a commodity, calling someone to constantly add content to your site. (Blogging) is a much more efficient way to keep your site up to date.

Indeed. The more people realise this, the better.

For example, Stardock‘s 25 employees built a public blog for customers to sound off on the software as well as an internal blog for software developers in Australia, Brazil, Great Britain, Italy and Poland. The technology has helped form a “community” for employees, most of whom have never met face to face, said Stardock president and CEO Brad Wardell.

As more and more companies go virtual, they have to have a way to create a more cohesive environment for their employees, and blogs help do that.

Yes, they do indeed. Internal blogs are a perfect tool for creativity and a bottom-up collaboration. 

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