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December 06 2004
Blog buzz in the City of Angels
Jackie Danicki • Blogs & Blogging 
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I’m in Los Angeles at the moment, combining work and pleasure (as always) and fortifying myself with the awareness of blogs in this city. I got the same fortification from a trip to Paris in October. Yes, awareness of blogs and blogging in the UK really is that low - though we, along with some others, are slowly changing that. But it’s nice to be in a place where people not only know what blogs are, but feel a real sense of possibility about what can be done with them.

Journalist and blogger Cathy Seipp invited me to a small gathering of other journalists on Friday night, at Yamashiro - an amazing restaurant that overlooks the entire city. There, I met some big name, world class journalist bloggers: Mickey Kaus, Roger L Simon, Matt Welch and Emmanuelle Richard amongst them. It was so unspeakably wonderful to hear even the non-blogger journalists in our midst talking about blogs so intelligently, because they read them on a daily basis and know lots of people who blog. (Are you getting the picture that such encounters are more rare in London?)

On Saturday night, I went to an entertainment industry party where I met a journalist whose work regularly appears in the British press. She was talking very excitedly about blogs, and saying that she feels she needs to get blogging, because she sees how effectively other journalists are using their blogs. When introducing me to someone else at the party, I first thought she was being sarcastic when she said, “Jackie’s a professional blogger! Isn’t that glamourous?” I laughed and assured her that it was fun and pretty cool, but not exactly glam. “Don’t you see, though?” she asked. “You’re working every day in something big, something that’s changing the way the world communicates and learns. That’s just amazing.”

I guess it is pretty amazing, even if it’s not glamourous. And it’s nice to be in a place where so many people feel as enthusiastic about it all as I do. At the risk of sounding as if I’ve been in California too long, let’s hope I can bring some of that positive energy back to London with me. 

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