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the Big Blog Company | Another one bites the dust
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The bird on the back.
February 13 2005
Another one bites the dust
Jackie Danicki • Blogs & Blogging • Blogs in the media 
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Blogger Patrick Crozier is wondering how in the world the blogosphere, considering its relatively limited readership, has brought down yet another mainstream media journalist, CNN’s Eason Jordan.

As I explained in Patrick’s comments, there are several waves of influence with blogs:

1. That blog’s own readers
2. The readers of other blogs, whose authors link to Number 1’s posts
3. The readers of online publications - Guardian Online,,, Slashdot,, etc - which pick up on blog content
4. Offline publications which pick up on stuff from online (such as when Matt Drudge in 1998 broke the Lewinsky scandal and it then hit everywhere in the mainstream media)
5. Readers of those offline publications spreading the news via more traditional word of mouth

Because, you know, this is what it’s all about - word of mouth, but in an incredibly accessible, unprecedentedly permanent, tangible, searchable way. It is entirely correct to credit the blogosphere and not blogs. The format makes all this possible, but without the network to pass on the information, it goes nowhere. 

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