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January 22, 2005
Blogs at Harvard
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Jeff Jarvis of Buzzmachine is on the roll reproducing his experience at a conference on “Blogging, Journalism & Credibility” taking place at Harvard University this weekend. There are some worthy points that should be noted here:

Jay (Rosen of PressThink) says that journalists have been slow to recognize the debt they owe blogging and that is because this new medium—this new press—was not developed by them. The people who understand this new press—the ethic of the link, the art of conversation—are bloggers.


The way to get diversity is for the entirety of media to find diversity and balance. That is what is new: In the past, you had a one-size-fits-all, one-newspaper town. Now you have access to all the media of the world. That is what brings you diversity.


While on the hit parade of old arguments, we got the argument that bloggers are an echo chamber seeking only their own views. I said that’s a red herring. We link to that with which we disagree.


Hinderaker goes back to Bill Mitchell’s question from his presentation, in which he asked what tool we need to help build trust. Hinderaker says it would help to show us the material behind the story. The attitude bloggers have is—via the link: “See for yourself. Don’t take our word for it.”


Chris Lydon gives us his best Emerson quote ever: “Do not destroy the mass media but liberate the individual from the mass.”


Jimbo Wales, founder of Wikipedia, says that a few years ago, nobody could have predicted that a bunch of unpaid citizens could replace the Encyclopedia Brittanica with its budget of $350 million but it happened. He said that the business model of The New York Times is not sustainable.

Jeff Jarvis moderated another session and this is what happened:

Rick Kaplan, president of MSNBC, said at the session I Oprahed yesterday that blogging actually drives ratings on shows and that there is a corollation between shows that devote effort to blogging and the growth in audience.

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